Printed circuit board

This animation demonstrates the structure of small, mass-produced circuit boards.

Grouping of solids 2

This animation demonstrates various groups of solids through examples.

Grouping of solids 1

This animation demonstrates various groups of solids through examples.

Glacier (basic)

A glacier is a large body of ice that forms from snow, and is in constant, slow motion.


The harp is one of the oldest plucked string instruments.

Topographic map of Hungary

This animation demonstrates the geographical regions of Hungary.


Panpipes (or pan flutes) are composed of several pipes of gradually increasing length.


The guitar is a plucked string instrument available in various shapes.


The trumpet is a musical instrument with the highest register in the brass family.

Faulting (basic)

Vertical forces can break up layers of rock into fault blocks, which then move vertically along the fracture planes.

Nets of a cuboid (exercises)

This animation demonstrates the different nets of a cuboid and includes a game.

Structure of Earth (elementary)

The Earth is composed of several spherical layers.

Handball stadium

Handball is one of the most popular team sports.

Austrian Habsburg infantryman

The infantry of the Habsburg Empire were deployed in numerous battles.

Siege of Belgrade (4-22 July 1456)

A major battle in the history of Ottoman-Hungarian wars in the 15th century. Its memory is preserved by the noon bells that are still rung every day in...

Administrative divisions of Hungary

This animation presents the regions, counties and cities of Hungary.

Football stadium

Football is one of the most popular team sports due to its relatively low equipment requirements and simple set of rules.

Kuruc soldier

The term ´kuruc´ denoted armed anti-Habsburg rebels (coming from various social classes) in Hungary in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Historical topography (notable personalities, Hungarian history)

Find places related to notable personalities or events of Hungarian history on the map.

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