Types of bridges

Types of bridges include beam-, arch-, suspension-, cantilever and truss bridges.

Horse chestnut

This animation demonstrates how horse chestnut trees change throughout the seasons


One of the most important components of the microwave oven is the magnetron, which produces the microwaves.

Types of feathers

The animation demonstrates the most important types of feathers and their fine structure.


Metal atoms form a regular lattice structure.

Polynesian catamaran

Polynesians travelled huge distances with their specially designed boats.

Edible frog

This animation demonstrates the anatomy of amphibians through the example of a common species of frogs.

Amoeba proteus

Widespread heterotrophic unicellular organisms with constantly changing shapes


The most ancient group of animals, they live underwater, lack real tissues and body symmetry.


Jellyfish are free-swimming marine animals, a species of Cnidaria, the most ancient group of Eumetazoans.

Freshwater pearl mussel

A species of mollusc widespread in freshwaters.

How does it work - Refrigerator

This animation demonstrates how a refrigerator works.

European mole

Moles are small subterranean mammals with modified, spade-like forelegs.

The Statue of Liberty (New York)

The statue was donated by the French to the USA for the centenary of gaining independence.

Cockchafer (Maybug)

The cockchafer (or maybug) is a widespread bug in Europe. Its larvae, known as chafer grubs are considered a pest.

Cinema (USA, 1930s)

Cinemas were built in large numbers in big cities of the US in the 1910s.

Large white butterfly

The large white butterfly is a common species of butterflies, through which we demonstrate the anatomy of butterflies.

Types of stars

This animation demonstrates the process of star development for average and massive stars.

Mesopotamian inventions (3rd millennium BC)

These tools, revolutionary even in their simplicity, are still in use today.

Inventions in the textile industry, 18th century

Inventions in the 18th century resulted in huge advances in the development of the textile industry.

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